Streamline Onsite Repair offers DOT & Safety Inspections

Streamline Onsite Repair knows the regulations you need to have to maintain your truck.  Let us help you with your DOT and Safety Inspections to identify problems before they cost you time off the road.

According to the Department of Transportation Truck Inspections, drivers can learn the dangers of driving defective vehicles and how to  detect and report problems for repairs well before a bigger issue  arises. One of the best ways to do this is to perform a simple  walk-around inspection before and after every trip the vehicle makes,  including:

Checking the Tires

Check each tire for air and use a digital tire pressure  gauge to check out tires that seem deflated. Also be sure to know the  rules and regulations in your state about mudflaps. 

Testing the Lights

Be sure to  check not only the brake lights but also the headlights, high beams, and  low beams by turning on the engine and switching each one on  systematically.

Looking for Cracks

Be sure to regularly check for hairline  cracks and "stars" caused by flying gravel.

Use these tips to make sure you pass your inspections with ease.  

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